Digital Technologies

  • Since starting out in 1961, Digital Vorn has been expanding its business domain in line with the changing demands of the times, from infrastructure design and development to embedded software development, system design and development, entry into consulting, agile development and digital marketing. In 2019, Digital Vorn also embarked on digital transformation (DX) support service for its clients as a new core business.

  • SITE PUBLIS, a purely domestic CMS with a history of more than 17 years since its launch in 2003, has been widely used by a cumulative total of 630 companies, government agencies and other organizations. The company also provides a problem-solving service (SaaS) using SITE PUBLIS as a platform to facilitate communication between companies and stakeholders. In this way, they vigorously help promote client’s digital marketing strategies.

  • Softfront aims to realize an affluent society by developing services based on their core SIP and VoIP technologies, including “commubo”, a natural conversation AI platform that allows voice bots to respond in place of humans, “telmee”, a cloud auto-caller that automates and saves labor in telephone operations, and “LivyTalkPro”, a service platform that creates value-added services using video and voice.

  • In the global arena, we co-founded ThunderSoft, an Android total system provider. ThunderSoft was listed on the ChiNext of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015, becoming only the second Japanese-funded IT company on the list. Today, ThunderSoft has expanded its business domain to include IoT and automotive products, currently with a market capitalization of over 1 trillion yen.


TOKI Aviation seeks to provide optimal solutions for the management of regional aviation in Japan, enhancing the regional aviation network and revitalizing regions around the airport. To this end, they have begun dispatching and introducing pilots and other aviation personnel as well as providing standardized manuals and other services necessary for the operation of regional airlines. The company is currently preparing to establish a new LCC regional network airline TOKI AIR.


International Horse Racing (IHR) is working to pave the way for Japanese horses to be active in Hong Kong and other Asian racehorse markets by leveraging vast knowledge of the Asian region gained through their business.



We invest in digital-based entertainment that enriches our heart including an indoor miniature theme park, SMALL WORLDS. At the theme park, elaborate miniature models using cutting-edge IoT, AR and AI technologies are set in motion. They also aim to develop human resources with a global mindset there.

Nursing Care

In China, rapid aging has led to an increasing interest in nursing care, but the personnel development of caregivers is far from adequate. In light of this, Shanghai Yuzhi Healthcare Consulting trains and dispatches caregivers. After training the caregivers to be dispatched in China, the company sends them to nursing care facilities in Japan to help them learn advanced nursing care skills and knowledge to become future nursing care leaders in China. They also plan to expand this line of business to Southeast Asia and other areas.