Major Investments

We provide services such as digital transformation support, engineer staffing, contracted development, business consultation,
and digital marketing support, to enable customers to harness the power of IT in collaboration with their businesses.

Business Investments

We provide financial and other support to companies with potential for global market growth.
We also collaborate with companies that we have a major stake in, mainly in the following four domains: IT, nursing care, racehorse, and aviation.

Nursing Care Business

We train nursing care professionals in China and staff them at nursing care institutions in Japan.
After they develop their skills further, they will go back to China and play a key role in our temporary staffing business.
We also expect to expand into Southeast Asia in the future.

Race Horse Business

We train and sell racehorses for owners both domestically and internationally.
We also manage and operate various businesses to galvanize the racehorse industry.

Aviation Business

As the airline industry becomes more competitive, both LCC and full-service carriers are seeking to hire more pilots to accommodate the rising demand.
Our business provides development of qualified pilots and staffing thereof.